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The Community Connection (Community Contact)

The tremendous success of The Education Connection® introduced many churches, service groups, scouting, citywide athletic groups, and other organizations to the concept of outbound dialing. Through automatic outbound messages delivered by their local school districts, many in the communities started to question how they might be able to utilize the powerful communication tools found in The Education Connection®.

Because The Education Connection® was designed specifically for the education market and was targeted to service an entire school district, the product offered more features than most small community groups needed or could afford.

Responding to the numerous requests, Insta-Info developed an outbound dialing solution targeted at the small community groups; we call this product The Community Connection®.

The Community Connection’s features are the perfect match to service churches and other community groups.

In any group the hardest tasks are keeping the group informed about upcoming events and scheduling changes. These once time-consuming tasks are now simple and quick through the use of The Community Connection®.


The Community Connection’s powerful outbound dialing allows leaders to contact the entire group by investing less than five minutes of time.

The Community Connection® stores a list of telephone numbers for the members in the group. The organization of these telephone numbers is very flexible. For example, one list might be a list of all of the youth involved in the summer Bible school and another list for the adult volunteers. Using these lists, The Community Connection® is scheduled to call the selected list and deliver the recorded voice message.

Voting Made Simple

The Community Connection® has a very nice feature that allows quick polls of a group to help decide important issues, like what is the best day for the pizza party!

Using the polling feature, The Community Connection® can collect an accurate head count for banquets and find out who wants chicken and who wants fish.

Designed to fit

The Community Connection® is designed to work with existing telephone systems. Depending on the current telephone system, The Community Connection® can serve as a group’s voice mail system and common communication center.

The Community Connection® is easy to use

With The Community Connection® there is no complicated software to learn. The Community Connection® is a telephone-based communication tool that is as easy to use as placing a telephone call. The system comes with a comprehensive user guide that is easy to follow, so that The Community Connection® can be used to its full potential.

The Community Connection® will increase involvement, improve communication, and handle schedule changes with ease.

“The Community Connection® is like hiring a dedicated communication director!”

For more information about The Community Connection® please fill out our on-line information request form.

Sales: 1-800-800-3823 or (937) 439-0064 

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