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Crime prevention succeeds only with the support of your community. Insta-Info created WatchLine® to increase community involvement in crime prevention.

Neighborhood watch programs, business watch, emergency planning, and community-based policing all require staying in constant contact with the community your department serves. WatchLine® is the perfect tool to handle all of these communication needs and more.

Outbound dialer

WatchLine® is a telephone-based communication tool designed specifically for law enforcement. Serving as a powerful outbound dialer, WatchLine® can contact a large, targeted group of telephone numbers with minimal effort, in a short amount of time.

You decide how to organize your telephone lists. You might create a list of all convenience stores in your area. If a bank robbery occurs, you can have WatchLine® automatically contact all convenience stores in your area and deliver a description of the suspect.

Time saver

The Neighborhood Watch programs throughout the country have been successful in preventing criminal activities; however, it is often difficult to get neighbors to attend meetings and to get involved. Finding a Neighborhood Watch captain can be very difficult because people are often hesitant about the required time commitment.

WatchLine® reduces the amount of time Neighborhood Watch captains need to spend organizing their neighborhood program. WatchLine® also makes it easy to disseminate information to the neighborhood watch group about activities occurring in their area.

Community Information Line

WatchLine’s information line allows community members to listen to pre-recorded information messages 24-hours a day. You decide what information to make available. You can even set up an anonymous tip line.

WatchLine® keeps your dispatcher free to answer the emergency 911 calls, while it answers the routine questions about where to pay speeding tickets, hours of operation, details on curfew regulation, location information, and even taking vandalism reports.

Incident tracking

As your officers interact with the public, they often leave their business cards with the citizens for follow up; however, unless the officer is assigned to an office position, it is often difficult for the citizen to contact the officer directly. “Phone tag” results. Using WatchLine® queue One-on-One feature, your officers can set up private, incident-related voice mailboxes for citizens. Using this special feature, officers can keep the citizens informed about developments in their cases. Police can answer personal questions without “phone tag” or without the superfluous conversations that often result during field visits or personal phone calls. Officers can communicate more and spend less time doing it.

Senior Check and Latchkey Monitor

WatchLine® can also serve as your community’s good neighbor. City personnel can offer a free, daily check-in with a household. WatchLine® maintains a database of telephone numbers and an established calling pattern. If the household does not answer the telephone and enter the requested information, WatchLine® can contact a set of related contact numbers, and alert family members, neighbors, or neighborhood police officers that the individual has not responded to repeated contact attempts.

WatchLine’s Senior Check/Latchkey Monitor feature allows your department to offer personalized services while expending minimal resources.

A powerful public relations tool

Good communication with your community is the key to positive community relations. WatchLine® is ready to serve your needs 24-hours a day. Whether it is locating a missing child, coordinating a hazardous waste evacuation, conducting a community survey, checking the wellness of latchkey children or home bound seniors, WatchLine® makes the call and takes the time to make sure everyone gets the message. WatchLine® keeps the community informed as your police department works to keep them safe.

For more information about WatchLine® please fill out our on-line information request form.

Sales: 1-800-800-3823 or (937) 439-0064 

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