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Customers demand the same service from Credit Unions that they do from large, national banks. For years the large banks have given their customers telephone access to their account information. Credit Unions, both large and small, also have provided telephone access, but this often consisted of a human teller answering the telephone, looking up the account information, and reading it to the member.

Because manual telephone account access requires a human teller, the information was available only during business hours. Since many credit unions had few employees, they began seeking a new way to handle telephone account inquires.

In 1989, Credit Union Consultants Inc, a Dayton, Ohio-based data processing company exclusively dedicated to serving Credit Unions, contacted Insta-Info. Working together as a team, Insta-Info and Credit Union Consultants engineers developed the perfect solution for real-time access to account information.

When the Credit-Union-Connection® was created, many large banks were using “batch” systems that resulted in the information accessed by telephone to be a “snap shot” of the account information, updated only once every day. Insta-Info and Credit Union Consultants developed the Credit-Union-Connection® to give credit union members “real-time” access to their account information. Using the Credit-Union-Connection® the members could access all of their important account information 24-hours a day, and the information would always be current.

Credit unions demand 100% uptime for the Credit-Union-Connection®. Using the latest in multi-tasking operating systems and dependable hardware, Insta-Info delivers a highly dependable solution that is affordable by even the smallest credit unions.

From a small, one-telephone-line system to a large, multi-line system the Credit-Union-Connection® was designed to scale to meet the exact needs of each credit union.

With more than thirteen years of dependable service the Credit-Union-Connection® continues to serve credit unions throughout the United States.

For more information about the Credit-Union-Connection®, and how Credit Union Consultants Inc. and Insta-Info Inc. can assist your credit union, please fill out our on-line information request form.

Sales: 1-800-800-3823 or (937) 439-0064 

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